Pioneer Market Access

In order to answer our customer needs about “Pricing and Reimbursement”, CarthaGenetics® has created in 2008 Pioneer Market Access, a separate entity dedicated to market access services offerings for biotech and pharmaceutical firms plus medical devices across Europe, orchestrating and managing projects from acquisition until execution. Developing and implementing strategic marketing and business analysis/planning tailored to specific clients’ needs and current market position, designing local market access strategies per product and country to maximise market reach and potential revenues.

Leading client-based projects focused on price analysis, market research, reimbursement negotiations and market entry sequence strategies. Driving price negotiation , lobbying as needed to ensure client interests are protected.

Preparing reimbursement dossiers for France, Switzerland, Germany,  the Netherlands Providing services in multilinguistic and multicultural environments, with clients based in Europe, United States, Canada, and Japan.

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