Who we are

Founded by Philippe Carteron de Balmont in 2004,  CarthaGenetics® has focused on finding innovative early patients access to Orphan Drugs and  is now a pioneer with one of the broadest experience in the field of Rare Diseases.

CarthaGenetics® helps international biotech companies involved in Orphan Drugs development to step not only in the complex European markets (including Turkey) but also in the fast-growing North African markets.

CarthaGenetics® is a team of close to twenty life sciences experts committed to delivering innovative therapies to patients.

CarthaGenetics® has direct presence in Switzerland, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Poland, Turkey, Algeria, Tunisia and through an extended network of local experts in each country/area who are familiar with access to orphan drugs in their own market. We also cover with proven track records Portugal, Bulgaria, Malta, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Israel, Azerbaijan and Morocco.


At CarthaGenetics®, we believe that product development must be driven by a solid understanding of the environment within which the product will be launched, and the criteria by which elements of the development will be assessed by both regulators and payers. We start from science and medical needs, as we collaborate with our clients’ teams to drive innovative products along development, prelaunch  and commercialization.

CarthaGenetics® will be your partner of choice  to start operations in Europe and to expand in North African countries.