Carthagenetics is participing in the Cell & Gene Meeting on the Mesa on October 12-16, 2020

The Cell & Gene Meeting on the Mesa is the sector’s foremost conference bringing together senior executives and top decision-makers in the industry to advance cutting-edge research into cures. Tackling the commercialization hurdles facing the cell and gene therapy sector today, this meeting covers a wide range of topics from clinical trial design to alternative payment models to scale-up and supply chain platforms for advanced therapies.

As a leader in Early Access Programs in Europe, including Turkey, CarthaGenetics® is happy to participate in this virtual event.
If you want to get in touch with our CEO, Philippe Carteron de Balmont, discuss rare disease patient recruitment for your Clinical Trial(s), have information about EAP, please contact him at +41 76 717 37 65 (WhatsApp) or

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