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Results of the Survey about the Factors Impacting on Community Pharmacy Efficiency

Turkish health sector has been changed completely with the Health Transformation Project lead by Ministry of Health. In this process of change, healthcare providers have become more competitive in healthcare market. As a result of project the health expenditures has beenincreased and policy makers implemented policies for controling this increase. These policies made the competitive environment even more challenging. Community pharmacy, one of the most important actors of the healthcare sector and one of the first steps in the health service access of the society, confronts many difficulties, especially financial in this competitive and challenging market. Despite these difficulties, community pharmacists continue to practice for community pharmacy is a profession, an art, and a doing good. In this process, it is necessary to evaluate the difficulties of community pharmacists and what needs to be done to cope with these difficulties. The study that emerged from this point of view was made by Bursa Pharmacist Chamber through CarthaGenetics Consulting firm. While trying to assess the efficacy of free pharmacists in the study, it was aimed to identify the concerns for sustainable pharmacy and to find possible recommendations for them. We hope that the study will shed light on the Turkish pharmacy community and form the basis for further studies.Keep track, keep contact. For more questions please email to kockaya@carthagenetics.com


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